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9 Days to go

Fics are due at 11:59pm EDT on the night of 1st September. What time is that for me?.

We currently have 10 fics in 19 fandoms posted. :) I've got two pending pinch hits which will go out tomorrow morning along with any defaults tonight.

Requests visible for treating

On AO3.

If anyone is curious, we've got 4 works in 6 fandoms, and no other pinch hits as yet.


All pinch hits claimed

Thank you everyone who stepped up.


Down to two pinch hits

Pinch hits 4 & 5 have been claimed. Still looking for pinch hitters for 1 & 7. See details in previous post.


Mod!fail and outstanding pinch hits

I underestimated how much the trip a week ago was going to take out of me, so I'm only just now picking up loose ends. :( Sorry about that.

First of all, please remember to fill out your placeholders or unlock your letters, if you've chosen to write one.

I have a few requests for more information which I'll be getting to in the next day or two.

We have four two outstanding pinch hits still. Pinch hits 4 & 5 have been claimed. Numbering below reflects several claimed pinch hits. If you are interested in any of these pinch hits, please pm the mod or email the exchange address at fic.corner@gmail.com - do not request a pinch hit in the comments.

Pinch Hit 1: Scarlett Undercover - Jennifer Latham, The Tribe series - Ambelin Kwaymullina, The Changes series - Rachel Manija Brown & Sherwood Smith, Legend Series - Marie LuCollapse )

Pinch Hit 4: The Changes series - Rachel Manija Brown & Sherwood Smith, White Ghost Summer - Shirley Rosseau Murphy, Wintle's Wonders - Noel Streatfeild, English Family Tree series - Sally WatsonCollapse )

Pinch Hit 5: Emmy & Oliver - Robin Benway, Firebird series - Claudia Gray, The Wrong Side of Right - Jenn Marie Thorne, Gallagher Girls Series - Ally CarterCollapse )

Pinch Hit 7: Ever After High Series - Shannon Hale, 魔法少女・オブ・ジ・エンド | Magical Girl of the End | Magical Girl Apocalypse, 魔法少女サイト | Mahou Shoujo Site, Hetalia: Axis Powers, The School for Good and Evil - Soman ChainaniCollapse )

Assignments finally out

You should have your assignment now at the email account where you get AO3 notices. If not, check your spam filter. Or go to your drop down menu or home page on AO3 and check your "My Assignments" option. Don't forget to sign in first.

I've sent out the first 7 pinch hits (the tweaks we made while tracking down the bug reduced the number) on the pinch hit mailing list. Hoping these are claimed soon.

Assignments delayed

I've hit an AO3 bug and am waiting to hear back from support. Assignments will go out as soon as this is resolved.

Assignments/Pinch Hits

Assignments are about to go out.

Because we're smaller this year, I've got 9 people assigned to get 2 stories and 9 requests to go out on pinch hits. Sign up for the pinch hit list here.

Pinch hits will go out soon, but may not get assigned immediately as I do have to work today.

Sign-ups extended

I've had a request to leave sign-ups open a little longer, and as I am due to go to bed soon, I'm going to extend them 12 hours. Assignments will hopefully go out tomorrow night, so we won't be too far off track.

What time is that for me.