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The collection is now open

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Fic Corner 2018

We ended up with 36 stories in 26 fandoms. Thank you to all the participants and pinch hitters who made this happen.

I am at the point where I'm trying to decide what to do next year. We've shrunk so much from the first year that it's become much more difficult to match and to find pinch hitters. If anyone has any thoughts feel free to share them in the comments.

All pinch hits are in

As I said in the previous post, I'll leave the collection open for posting/editing until this evening. I'm currently planning to open/reveal it for reading at 8pm EDT.

All pinch hits have been claimed

All pinch hits have been claimed. As the last one was claimed very late, the collection will not open until Sunday Evening EDT. Until then, feel free to write treats, shake your presents, and maybe think about what you're requesting or offering for Yuletide (if you play).
All of the others have been claimed. Please pm or email the mod (fic.corner at gmail.com) to claim in order to preserve anonymity. I'd really like to open the collection vaguely on time, so the fic would need to be completed by Sunday 2nd August.

Pinch Hit 5: An Ember in the Ashes, Galax-Arena Series, Pagan Chronicles, Six of Crows SeriesCollapse )


Pinch hits 5-7

Pinch hit 8 was claimed off of the mailing list earlier, but these three phs are still outstanding. Please pm or email the mod (fic.corner at gmail.com) to claim in order to preserve anonymity. These three phs will be due Wednesday night/Thursday morning EDT.

Pinch Hit 5: An Ember in the Ashes, Galax-Arena Series, Pagan Chronicles, Six of Crows SeriesCollapse )

Pinch Hit 6: Puck of Pook's Hill Series, Stalky & Co, Kim - Rudyard Kipling, Frontier WolfCollapse )

Pinch Hit 7: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Lost Zoo, Serendipity Series - Stephen CosgroveCollapse )


Pinch hits 5-8

4 Pinch hits have gone out on the mailing list (phs 5-8). Any that are still lingering when I get home from work will be posted here.

Deadline is Wednesday night/Thursday morning ish.

The collection will remain open until reveals in case anyone wishes to post treats.


Deadline has passed

Theoretically, the deadline has passed. In practice I'm going to bed. There are a couple of people who asked for extensions, and almost all fics have been posted so I'm just going to leave the collection open overnight and trust that the one or two people who haven't just got the time wrong. Pinch hits for any pre-deadline defaults and any fics not posted by morning (unless I gave you an extension) will go out when I wake up.


24 1/2 hours to go

I was going to do a 24 hour post, but I'm sleepy so you're getting it 1/2 hour early. There will be a few pinch hits going out right after deadline.


Two weeks to go!

Two weeks till deadline. Are you on track? Please note that while the deadline was incorrectly noted as 21st August in a few places, the correct deadline is 26th August.

All of the pinch hits from the previous post have been claimed, though this post may trigger a couple of new ones.

Given the size of this exchange, I've decided not to open a second collection for treats. Treats may be posted to the main collection.

Good luck with the writings!

Two lingering pinch hits, two new ones

All the pinch hits in this post have been claimed!

I haven't gotten any responses for the first two from the mailing list, so I'm cross posting these to both comms and to the Yuletide comms. These pinch hits are due August 26th. Please dm the mod or email fic.corner@gmail.com to claim a pinch hit to preserve anonymity. Include both the pinch hit you are claiming AND your AO3 user name in your message.

Pinch hit 1: Charlie Joe Jackson, Infamous Ratsos, Once There Was a BoyCollapse )

Pinch hit 2: Memories of Summer, The Pigman, Betsy-TacyCollapse )

Pinch hit 3: Chalet School, Harry Potter, Worst WitchCollapse )
Pinch hit 4: Diana Winthrop, Enola Holmes, Ice Ghosts Mystery, Planet Builders, Young WizardsCollapse )